4 Types of Business Advertising That Work Best

Advertising is one of the oldest forms of promotion or marketing communications used by organizations. It existed long before Colonel Sanders sold his crispy fried chicken. You can define it as any paid form of communication between an organization and the marketplace, which MUST promote the products, services or the organization itself. You can say its the best way to get your products or services out to the public. Tell me, without advertising, how would people know about what you have to offer? In business, advertising is a must have to get your products, services and company on display. The public presence gives businesses the opportunity to carefully create advertising strategies that will win the interest of consumers. Since there are many different types of advertising, you need to discover which one works best for your audience and what you have to offer them. Here’s a list of some of the most common types of advertising so you can select methods that will be most effective for your business goals.


Whoever brought up the idea to display magazines in waiting rooms is a GENIUS! Though some (okay -MOST) of these magazines are a few weeks or months old, people still flip through them to pass the time, and many of these people will be able to spot your advertisement, long after you placed it in the publication. Unlike radio or television, print has a much longer shelf life since people read on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Print media is likely to be passed around to many people depending on what its being used for. Many times, people will read stories and pass it along to others and this gives your ad the opportunity to be viewed by more than one person.


In 2020, television is still a major advertising channel for businesses because it caters to a different niche of people from nine-to-fiver, work-from-home, stay-at-home mothers or fathers, late night show watchers and insomniacs. With the rise of YouTube and Netflix, a major number of people still watch television. If you create a funny, witty and smart commercial, it will boost your business or product even further. People will talk about your commercial more, which will lead them to search for your brand. For TV advertisements, different types of day offers different types of audience hence you need to know what time of day is best to air your ad. If you choose early morning programming know that you would  cater to many people on the go; those getting ready for work – the typical nine-to-fiver. Daytime television presents a totally different demographic; stay-at-home mothers or fathers, who will typically watch daytime programs while their children are napping or they are doing chores around the house, as well as the retired. Late night time tv is one of the more sought-after slots for advertising. This is the 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. block that all kinds of demographics consume. These television shows can be enjoyed by basically every demographic and all that’s left is to find a show that fits your target audience. You have the ability to get creative with TV–through visual effects, sound, colors and images–so that your viewers are attracted to the product you are selling.


If your demographic is a little bit older, then radio might be a good choice to advertise your business or product. The millennials and Gen Z are streaming more on platforms like Pandora and Spotify online than regular FMs. With radio ads, where to find your target demographic depends on the kind of music the station plays. If you are targeting young and hip adults, stations like Beat FM, Sound City and Cool FM may work best in your favour. While the same goes if you are targeting older adults, sports addicts, or women, then Brilla FM or wfm radio stations would be a good choice.


The internet is global and most widely used form of communication and media. It’s part of daily life to stay online either through computers, tabs, mobile or smart tv. The internet is used by the entire world and can be overwhelming to try to get your advertisement to stand out. The key to getting your ad seen by the right people is understanding the websites your target audience visits. Well thanks to big data -you can pin down about a dozen or so of these sites, and can start contacting them for advertising opportunities. So it all boils down to figuring out where your primary consumer market might have the most access to your ads. Or better still, hire an advertising agency like First Marketing Services Ltd to handle that for you.