Have you ever bought a product or patronised a vendor simply because a well-known person or celebrity you follow or admire, is using or endorsed that product or service? That is Influencer Marketing at play.

Influencer marketing is getting even more popular now but the term is often misunderstood. At a fundamental level, Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers, public figures, celebrities etc. Individuals who have a dedicated social following and/or are viewed as experts within their niche.

Five years or so ago, if you had asked any Nigerian active in the digital space what their thought on influencer marketing is or who an Influencer is or how to become an influencer, they would have stared at you with one of the most confusing look you’d see on any human. The same people now, when asked the same question today, would have a totally different response and answer.

In just a very short time, the Influencer Marketing industry in Nigeria has grown in leaps and bounds. Influencer firms in Nigeria are popping up, there are even books and reports on Influencer marketing in Nigeria, there have been an increase in brands and companies utilising the services of Influencers and an increase in the volume of Influencers across all tiers. In fact, according to a survey carried out by the Nigeria Influencer Marketing Report (NIMReport), over 90% of people surveyed agreed that they have seen growth in the Nigerian Influencer Marketing Industry, over 30% of advertisers now value influencers marketing as part of their marketing strategy  brand and brands spent a considerable percentage of their overall digital marketing budget on Influencer marketing in 2018. This is an industry which isn’t slowing down anytime soon.