Major Marketing Objective For Every Business

Goals offer direction and if well defined, gives the most successful results. The major marketing objective for every business is to increase sales. This goal is often challenging for some marketing organizations and hence often best to choose a leading indicator of growth based on your business model. The right strategy can either make or break your success. Like other project-based goals, you should focus on the result of your efforts, including accelerating leads, sales, or pipeline.

If you want a more real-time measurement of marketing effectiveness, its best you pick an outcome that shows up earlier in the sales cycle. If you are measuring leads, it is best to choose a high-quality lead metric like marketing qualified leads or sales accepted leads to avoid declaring success based on generating unqualified leads. Also if acquiring new customers is a great objective for your business, then this can be measured by reliably counting new customers. The retention or churn rate of customers can be one of the most important measurements for your long term success. You can measure this based on how much customers you were able to retain or how you were able to reduce churn rate.

Another marketing goal could be to raise awareness but that can be challenging to measure. If this is your goal, you might choose a resulting indicator as a measurement for awareness, like inbound leads, web traffic, or positive media mentions. Another marketing goal is to increase customer satisfaction and the most common measurement is the Net Promoter Score. New product developments help to drive growth for your company — and product marketing teams are often responsible for launch management. Success can be measured using an indicator of market acceptance, like inquiries, reviews, leads, or new sales of the product depending on the length of the sales cycle. Sometimes your goal is as simple  as increased web traffic. Here, a quality metric is really important  to measure qualified traffic, bounce rate, conversions, time on page, or similar indicators that you got the right website visits. Successfully product launch/re-launch, branding and rebranding can accelerate growth in your business. This can be tricky to measure, so choose metrics like inclusion of your new positioning in media and analyst communications (as a leading indicator), brand awareness, or increased growth. You may have a new account based marketing program in the works, a CRM implementation, a new customer program, a merger, or any other strategic initiative. Whatever it is, make sure you have a clear way to measure the results